The Road to Pemberley: An Anthology of New Pride and Prejudice Stories

Read An excerpt from “The Pemberley Ball” from The Road to Pemberley.



A Romantic, Engaging and Witty Collection of New Short Stories that Feature Jane Austen Most Beloved Characters
Including over a dozen stories from both emerging and established Regency romance authors, this new anthology celebrates Jane Austen with a series of brilliant adaptations. Austen’s masterpiece has spawned an entire genre of literature, and The Road to Pemberley brings together the best of the best from published and new writers alike to create a cornucopia of Darcy-and-Elizabeth intrigues. England during the Regency Era, with its country estates, horse-drawn carriages, and formal balls, continues to captivate modern readers and The Road to Pemberley brings this fabled world to life in all its glory. Each author casts Darcy and Elizabeth in their first full year together at Pemberley, where the storied husband and wife find themselves in the throes of the newlywed experience, navigating a host of new social quandaries, old personal dilemmas, and exciting adventures. (edited by Marsha Altman)

Enjoy "The Pemberley Ball" from Regina Jeffers.

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