The Disappearance of Georgiana Darcy - By Regina Jeffers


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A Pride and Prejudice Mystery

Although she had made a brilliant match in Major General Fitzwilliam, Darcy has never fully accepted the loss of his sister to a proper marriage, but he would gladly “lose” Georgiana to Edward Fitzwilliam’s care if it meant that he could finally locate her. When an erroneous letter announced the major general’s demise at Waterloo, Georgiana foolishly raced away to bury her pain on the Scottish moors. No one has seen her since that fateful morning, and all fear the worst for the girl. Yet, Elizabeth Darcy insists that if Georgiana has met a tragic end then she and Darcy would know it in their hearts, and so the Darcys speed their way to Ayr to learn the truth of Georgiana’s disappearance.

All reports of the event direct the Darcys to the steps of Normanna Hall, a medieval Scottish keep that holds horrors neither of them could imagine. Domhnall MacBethan, a man who wishes no part of the legacy his father’s passing has thrust upon him, heads the MacBethan clan. Dolina MacBethan, the man’s mother, a woman who makes Lucrezia Borgia appear sainted martyr, supports his claim as Lord Wotherspoon. Can the Darcys unravel the mystery of the legend of Sawney Bean in time to save Georgiana or will Darcy’s sister be lost to them forever?

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